Raise the Wage! 

We are currently moving a regional campaign called Raise the Wage! to ensure no worker throughout the Bay Area is making less than $15/hour, a low bar for the high cost of living in this region of the country. San Francisco moved to $15/hr this year and it is already too low for workers in the North Bay! Help us ensure a better standard for workers across the North Bay. 

Currently, we are working with the following city councils to pass our Minimum Wage Ordinance

  • Santa Rosa City Council
  • Sebastopol City Council
  • Sonoma City Council
  • Petaluma City Council
  • Novato City Council

If you don't see your city and you think it should be included, reach out to us at northbayjwj@gmail.com. If you do see your city and you want to sign the petition to show your support, email your full name and phone number to northbayjwj@gmail.com (Online Petition Coming Soon!)  


What is included in our Minimum Wage Ordinance? 

  1. $15 by Jan 1st of 2020 with a cost of living increase every year after
  2. 6 paid sick days
  3. No tip credit*
  4. Hospitality wage theft provision 
  5. Union opt-out (Unionized workers can opt-out of receiving the minimum wage if they choose during negotiations)
  6. Workers must work at least 2 hours a week in a jurisdiction to be covered
  7. Extra 1 year phase-in for small business of 25 workers or less

*Tip Credit: The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) allows employers to take atip credit toward the federal minimum wage. This credit means you can pay yourtipped employees a lower wage than the federal minimum wage. This lower wage is called a minimum cash wage.


Hit the "Get Involved" button on the top right to join our campaign and hear about upcoming actions to Raise the Wage! 

Improving our Living Wage Ordinance in Sonoma County

We are currently working with the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to ensure the protection and advancement of the Living Wage Ordinance by increasing the amount of paid sick days. You can read the current Living Wage Ordinance here, and read more about why we believe our County should provide more paid sick days here: 

Sonoma County Board of Supervisors should add paid sick days - By Marty Bennett


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