The Alliance for a Just Recovery

In the wake of the terrible firestorm that hit Sonoma County in October of 2017, North Bay Jobs with Justice quickly mobilized community, environmental, housing and labor organizations to meet and form the Alliance for a Just, Equitable and Sustainable Recovery (Alliance for a Just Recovery, or AJR, for short). The Alliance for a Just Recovery meets the first Thursday of every month to review current issues facing our community in regards to the rebuild, and has been working since November of 2017 to put together a policy platform with which individuals and organizations can use to help ensure our community recovers not just for some but for all. 

Our Mission

To ensure that the structural issues of inequality, the climate crisis, and racial and environmental justice are central to the recovery and rebuilding process.

So what is a Just, Equitable and Sustainable Recovery? 

Our Alliance believes that a truly just recovery from any natural disaster requires a holistic approach, and that: 

  • Structural issues of inequality, climate crisis, and racial and environmental justice are part of the recovery and rebuilding process;

  • The most impacted community must have a meaningful voice at the table of all decisions made;

  • All recovery and rebuilding processes are transparent, inclusive, and create economic opportunity for low-income communities and eliminate environmental disparities across communities;

  • Combine our strengths as independent organizations, groups, places of worship, and labor unions to touch on four major areas of recovery and rebuilding: Good Jobs, Affordable Housing, Sustainable Energy and Green Construction, and Community Engagement/Democratic planning.

  • Read the full Mission and Purpose Statement here. 
  • Declaración de Misión y Objetivo de La Alianza para una Recuperación Justa


How are we responding to COVID-19? 

Just as our fires brought the vast inequalities in Sonoma County to the surface, so too has the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than corporate bailouts and commitments to simply not evict families ‘for now’ we need a real community bailout. One in five Sonoma County residents are living in poverty1 and hundreds of thousands are now out of work. Members of our community need to know they will not lose work permanently and come out of this pandemic owing thousands of dollars to landlords and banks.

A 2019 report found 40% of Americans would not be able to respond to a $400 unexpected expense without some kind of help2. This agenda was created in unity by those very community members and leaders from across our County. The stakes are the highest they’ve ever been. We may be in this pandemic for months.

We call on our local governments to step into the responsibility of caring for the whole community and prioritize these policies below. If we do this right, we will not just survive but thrive. Our communities cannot wait. Every day bold action is not taken is another day families, tenants, seniors, immigrants, workers, and our unhoused community struggle to survive.


Visit to read our full platform of COVID-19 demands

Who are the Organizations & Unions of the AJR? 


  • Sonoma County Central Democrats
  • Oakmont Democratic Club
  • Democratic Socialists of America North Bay
  • Operating Engineers Local 3 
  • North Bay Labor Council
  • CA Faculty Association
  • ESC Local 20
  • Teamsters 665
  • SEIU 1021
  • SEIU 2015
  • Sonoma County Conservation Action
  • SE Greenway
  • Greenbelt Alliance
  • Daily Acts
  • Health Professionals for Equality and Community Empowerment (H-PEACE)
  • Sonoma
  • Friends of Public Banking
  • Sustainable Sonoma
  • Sonoma Valley Housing Group
  • Sierra Club*
  • Green Party
  • Friends of Climate Action Plan
  • North Bay Organizing Project
  • Sonoma County Tenants Union
  • Graton Day Labor Center
  • Land & Transportation Trust
  • First United Methodist Church of Santa Rosa
  • Legal Aid of Sonoma County
  • Sunrise Movement
  • Worksafe

*have endorsed our platform but does not affiliate as a member of coalitions 


1. Our Policy Common Agenda for a Just, Equitable and Sustainable Recovery
    En E spañolAgenda común para una Recuperación Justa, Equitativa y Sostenible para la Ciudad de Santa Rosa y el   
    Condado de Sonoma 


2. Our 2018 Santa Rosa Emergency Plan for Increasing Revenue
   Plan de Emergencia para Abordar la Crisis del Empleo de Bajos Ingresos y de Vivienda Accesible en Santa Rosa Junio del       2018


 3. "Voices from the Grassroots" - The full report from our 2018 Just Recovery Forum in Santa Rosa, including full text of presentations and the full text of the "Common Agenda."
"What is a Just, Equitable and Sustainable Recovery?" Video from our 2018 Just Recovery Forum, July 19th at Christ Church United Methodist, Santa Rosa, CA


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